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Yahoo Discussion Group

Please join my discussion group! 
The members are folks who have an interest in music and have observations, ideas, or commentary to share. The topics aren't limited to my music!   In the past few years, the group's "conversations" have proven to be enjoyably literate (non-chat-room style), very interesting, and highly "civilized". There are about 250 subscribers, at present, with a large number of "lurkers" - some of whom make surprise appearances when a topic piques their interest. The list includes folks from several countries and all of the U.S.


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Mail List

Please join the mail list if you are interested in receiving occasional information about my coming performances,
special events, other similar concerts in your area, and information about my CDs.
We send announcements regionally, so if you only want emails, also include your city and state.
And if you know of any venues in your area that would be appropriate for my concerts,
or if you would like to host a house concert, please let me know.

Feel free to express yourself with comments, suggestions, ideas, criticisms, and flights of fancy. 
Nothing will be held against you.
Thanks, Jack

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