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Listen to these songs if you want to hear Jack's current music. This is the best place for venues considering Jack for a booking to get a feel for the music.

Live recordings:

Buckets of Rain
by Bob Dylan
Recorded live on the Kerrville Folk Festival Main Stage, July 2010

Count On Me
WVBR's "'Bound for Glory" with host Phil Shapiro, 2009

Across The Winterline
WFMT's "Folk Stage" with host Rich Warren
August 26, 2006 - Chicago IL .

A Natural Man (song for Josh White)
Live radio concert, WVBR Bound for Glory with host Phil Shapiro, May 4, 2008. This performance earned Jack the "Best of Bound For Glory 2008" award.

CD recordings:

Me and My Automobile
(Walkin' Dreams)

The High Road Home
Bad Feeling
Atlantis Going Down
Road Dog Blues #1
(The High Road Home)

Meet Me Mama
(Laughing in the Face of the Blues)

If Night Be Kind
(Across the Winterline)

Lucky Old Sun
(Don't Let Go)

Hometown Boy
(Eternity & Main)

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Great stuff you may not have heard before! In fact, no one may have heard it before now. These songs range from the early days of Jack's career - rock 'n roll bar bands, duos and trios - to recordings of obscure songs and live performances. We'll change the selections on a regular basis as we rediscover the gems on the old cassettes and reel-to-reels.

PLEASE DON'T book (or not book!) Jack based on these songs. The bands are defunct, and he no longer sounds like this.

A Full Moon On
This was a favorite of audiences in my "bar-gig" days. In live performance, a couple of well-placed wolf-howls occurred to help keep audiences alert and let them take part. I had intended to re-release the CD of which the song was a part - Highway From Back Home - but the electronic effects I used on my acoustic guitar at the time made most of the tracks less than pleasant to my ears and we never put it back out. Maybe someday, I'll decide to re-record the song without the effects, because I enjoy playing it so much.

Living on the Moon
Recorded live at the Florabama, 1990
Written for my son around 1975. Adam and I only saw each other a couple of times each year. He came to visit me in Breckenridge, Colorado, to do a little cross-country skiing. Adam commented on where I lived in the Rockies: "It looks like you're living on the moon". And he was right, in more ways than one.

Sleeping in the Streets

Songs from my 1980s band, Fools In Love, This was part of a recording I made in Nashville in 1990, with Steve Klinck (percussion/vocals) and John Tiedemann (bass/vocals) - 3/4 of the original band. This recording actually netted me an offer from Liberty Records in Nashville (I declined), and I refer to it as the "lost album", because it lay forgotten in a box for 13 years. Despite the "guitar effects", it is all "raw", without overdubs, on my Martin, John's fretless bass, and Steve's trap-set+congas.

by the Statesmen

This song is among the first recordings I ever made, an instrumental song from 1960, with my band, The Statesmen - which included our long-time friend, Wayne Manning, on bass, and me on electric guitar. I can't even remember the name of the song! Recorded at Dolton Records Studio, Seattle, WA. The drummer is Ken Williamson, now living - and still playing - near Tacoma, WA, and Frank Anthony Belaski on that great-sounding sax. Frank's the only member of the band whom we've been unable to locate, 49 years later. Another member of this band, Jimmy Payne, of Nashville TN (an Army G.I.) had been transferred and wasn't present at this recording. Jimmy went on to write Gary Puckett's big hit, "Woman, Woman (Have You Got Cheating On Your Mind)".