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"...your best work yet." Rich Warren, WFMT Midnight Special


Jack Williams' CD "Four Good Days"

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"All the songs are my own - except for one - and are drawn from out-of-print albums,
re-tooled long-unfinished songs, favorite songs of friends and family (which I never actually
intended to record) and two new songs. Musical friends who have added to the CD include
Donna Lynn Stjerna & Kelly Mulhollan (of 'Still On the Hill'), Cary Taylor,
Tracy Jane Comer, Wayne Manning, Ronny Cox, Chojo Jacques, Radislav Lorkovic,
Lon & Lis Williamson, David Stoddard and Judy Smith.”


Four Good Days 2:51
Them Things
Time Make Me Wise 3:54
Highway From Back Home 6:04
Suddenly The Tide 4:23
Sleeping in the Streets 3:34
Sugar Enough 2:24
Living on the Moon 3:30
Honeydew 2:56
Road By A River 3:58
You Be The Light 2:53
A Full Moon On 4:05
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 4:10
I Wouldn’t Know Love



It takes four good days to mow this field by hand
Four good days to mow this field by hand
My mind is clear, the air is cool,
The neighbors think I’m a crazy fool
It takes four good days to mow this field by hand

It takes five good weeks to carve this fiddle bow
Five good weeks to carve this fiddle bow
The fire is hot, the tea is on,
Winter’s here and the kids are gone
It takes five good weeks to carve this fiddle bow

Clouds fly, years pass,
Dreams lie in the grass
I’ll live my days and let ‘em go
What I’ve missed I’ll never know

It took 60 good years to find the man in me
60 years to find the man in me
Computer’s broke, TV’s dead,
Brand new song rollin’ through my head
It took 60 good years to find the man in me


I know it may sound crazy
Like one of those childhood things
But long before my wanderin’ days
I heard the highway sing
In a South Carolina country town
In a house right beside the road
I often dreamed of future times
And the towns I’d come to know

I’d lie awake in bed at night
The stillness was profound
There was no air-conditioner noise
And the ice-box made no sound
But somewhere in the summer night
I could hear a far-off whine
A truck down US Highway One
Was makin’ up some time
Pretty soon he’d rumble past
And rattle walls and beams
Then he’d fade away to nothin’
But the night birds and my dreams

Take me down the road as far as I can go
Take me places I have never known
Every now and then, just like a long lost friend
I come across a highway from back home
I love to cross a highway from back home

Now I roam across America
And I sing from town to town
And I do question my calling
When missin’ her gets me down
A thousand miles and kindly strangers
Vanish in the wind
But cross a well-known highway
And you’ve come across a friend

I was playin’ in Massachusetts
When I wandered north one day
Maine’s a state I’d never seen
So I turned my wheel that way
I found myself on US One
And this feeling came around
That road, a thousand miles away
Ran right through my hometown

I hope nobody saw me
When I stepped out of my van
‘Cause I knelt beside the highway
And I felt it with my hand
I closed my eyes and made believe
I could feel her walkin’ ‘round
On US One, a thousand miles away
In my hometown


In dark of night, when the moon is new
Things come ‘round like they always do
The wrongs I’ve done, the lies I’ve told
Haunt my dreams and chill my soul

Them things – don’t trouble me anymore
Them things – don’t burden me anymore
Roll that rock off my soul
Dump my baggage in a big, black hole
Them things – tangled in my dreams

Childhood fears, they still linger on
I’d hoped them things were dead and gone
They climb my stairs and rob my sleep
Steal my prayers my soul to keep

Grandpa lived a very quiet life
Depression years were lean as a knife
He cut some deals he regrets today
But late in the night he’ll kneel down and pray


Shadows cross the barns, cattails in your arms
A wagonload of golden new-mown hay
Pebbles in the streams, I can feel ‘em in my dreams
I’m living on the moon, a quarter of a million miles away

Lightning strikes a fence, a ’50 Ford with dents,
A mockingbird with everything to say
An old coal-loaded train, chuggin’ through the rain
Can’t reach me on the moon, a quarter of a million miles away

Send me a telegram, call me on the phone
It’s lonesome on this piece of rock, this place I call my home [my solitary home]
Write me a line or two, send it to me soon [send it by balloon]
A quarter of a million miles away, living on the moon

Fireplace in the wintertime, mudhole in the spring,
That monster-cellar where we used to play
Homemade peach ice cream, I can taste it in my dreams,
But I’m living on the moon, a quarter of a million miles away

As far as I’m concerned, I can only live and learn
And count the hours ‘til I go home to stay
But patience if you will, I can see the world is spinnin’ still
And I’m living on the moon, a quarter of a million miles away
I’m living on the moon, a quarter of a million miles away


When the crowds go home and the lights blink out
And the fog drifts low on my sidewalk couch,
I will cover my ears and hope the night don't drag on.
A bag lady throws a rock at a cat,
A saxophone moans in a cold-water flat,
I ain't no kinda thief, I only wish I had a coat to put on.
I wake up to the sirens screamin' down the street,
Headed for the alley where the strange brothers meet...
Sometimes they just hang out -
Sometimes they find an easy mark to lean on.

Sleeping in the streets - Sleeping in the streets.        
Another lost soul in the heart of the city
Sleeping in the streets.
[Another lost soul in the heart of the city
I turn away from every face I meet
And when the lights go down tonight around you baby
I’ll be sleeping in the streets]

Crazy Charlie was a lawyer. He worked hard all his life
For his house in Westchester, his kids and his wife,
But he lost his footing quickly
And the world came crashing down before his eyes.
The rain turned ugly and cold last night...
Crazy Charlie didn't make it - huddled 'neath the light
Of the eternal neon fire above the the entrance
To the Hotel Paradise.

Now, I never had no money,
Like some of these freezin' souls tonight,
Who'll dine down at the mission and recall
The way it was before they fell.
I had a home, believe me...
And a woman who touched me so...
But I couldn't keep her, I fell reeling to this hell.


I’m not a man of reason, I’m not a man of faith,
I’ve lived so long in between, I hope it’s not too late
I’ve sailed uncharted waters, crossed forbidden lands
I’ve treated love like flowers and I’ve crushed them in my hands

Time make me wise. Time make me true.
Time make me learn how to love you

I saw you in the window, a cat curled in your arms
My lies were laced with flattery but you did not seem alarmed
You let me have my pleasure, though all the time you knew
I’d take your love and run away before the night was through

If stones could feel affection, if mountains felt desire,
Then maybe I could melt this frozen heart upon your fire
I don’t know how you’ve loved me, through all the pain I’ve caused
I hope I can be worthy of your love before it’s lost


I know it's comin',
It seems like you got somethin' to say.
I hear the thunder,
I guess it's gonna rain all day.
Weren't we laughin',
Watchin' funny people in the street,
Makin' up their life stories,
Givin' them names,
Laughin' at the shoes,
Laughin' at the shoes upon their feet.

Suddenly the tide, Suddenly the tide,
Suddenly the tide washes over me,
Washes over me, Washes over me.

Wasn't it silly
Dancin' through the crowds along the shore,
Singin' at the top of our lungs,
Stupid words of love,
Feelin' like the waves,
Feelin' like we never felt before.

The town is talkin',
It's bound to make some fella start to cry.
Those busy, busy bodies,
Hurtin' all their friends and tellin' lies,
Lies, lies, lies, lies.
Somethin' is movin',
Shiftin' like the sand below my shoes.
What about...what about all the other people,
Friends and relations,
Breakin' them the news...
Breakin' like the waves upon my shoes.
Upon my brand new shoes...
Upon my brand new Wing-Tip shoes.

Am I the last one to know?
Am I the last one to know?
Were they just waitin' and waitin' and waitin' and waitin'
For that salty wind to blow?

They say for every boy and girl
There's just one love in this whole world.


The full moon woke me up last night.
I did things that just can't be right.
I feel so ashamed, but I had such fun...
Oh, what the hell, what's done is done.
The full moon had its way with me;
Tinkered with my sanity,
Granted wishes, gave me toys,
Made me cry like a little boy.

I played the saxophone. I put a lampshade on.
I sang "La Marseillaise", I danced to Purple Haze
I could do no wrong; I had a full moon on.

The full moon was to blame for all
The awesome power of alcohol.
Into the fire my fancy flew
To spend one reckless night with you.
We tore the curtains and we ripped the sheets,
We danced all night to Little Feat.
When the light came through our pagan room,
We rose to praise that devil moon.

A 'possum on the center stripe
Sure won't make it home tonight.
A bobcat on that moonlit trail
Will feed her family without fail.
The full moon is the devil's slave,
Dances all over the parson's grave;
It lifts you up, it lays you down,
And moves the oceans all around.


You be the light, I’ll be the darkness
You be the sun and I’ll be the rain
You be the flower, I’ll be the willow
We’ll have a garden all over again
We’ll have a garden all over again

I’d give a lifetime to see the moment
The mountains rose and the basins fell
The glacier crawled and dug the valleys
And made the garden that we knew so well

Within a lifetime, there was a moment
When people came and they claimed the land
Then there was money, and there were builders
To make a desert of a forest land

Where are the people who claimed this garden
Who were so wise that they lost it all
There are but two now, alone together
Starting over on a big brown ball


Honeydew, honeydew,
I'd do most anything for you,
You know you're always on my mind.
Honeychild, honeychild,
Old enough to drive me wild,
I'm gonna slow you down, honeydew.

I've got a pocket full of clover,
And I wish that, oh, I wish that
You'd bring it over here by me,

There's a lot you could say
To put my crazy heart away.
Tell me and you know what I would do.
Side by side, up and down,
I'd toss your tangles all around.
Tangle up with me, honeydew.

I'll put an arm around your shoulder,
And I wish that, oh, I wish that
We could grow old together,
Honey, my honeydew, Honeydew....


The road is weary, but the sky is blue
And so it will be when we’re all through
Just like the morning when everything is new
There’ll be a road by a river
There’ll be a star in the evening
There’ll be a sail on the horizon, when we’re all through

The path winds higher, but bright is the day
And so it will be when we go away
Just like in springtime, when everything is new

The roof is leaky, and the floor is the ground
And so it will be when we’re not around
Just like the beginning, when everything was new
There’ll be a road by a river
And it’ll run down there forever
There’ll be a sail on the horizon
When we’re all through


I put doughnuts in my coffee, candy in my yams,
And two big spoons in my tea.
But now I can take it sour as you make it
'Cause she's sugar enough for me.

Sugar enough, Sugar enough
Sweetness of life, she’s my lover, my wife
She's sugar enough for me

Now I never claimed to be a settled down guy.
My life was exciting and free.
Of all those sweet ladies,
With their "no thanks" and "maybes",
She's sugar enough for me.

Now we don't need no money 'cause there's plenty of honey
On the lips she's savin' for me.
Her apples and cherries, cantaloupes and berries
Are sugar enough for me.

(Robbie Robertson)

Virgil Kane is my name and I served on the Danville train
Till Stoneman’s cavalry came and tore up the tracks again
In the winter of ’65, we were hungry, just barely alive
By May the 10th, Richmond had fell
It’s a time I remember oh, so well

The night they drove old Dixie down
The night they drove old Dixie down
And the people were singing,
Na… na na na na na…..

Back with my wife in Tennessee, when one day she called to me
"Virgil, quick, come see, there goes Robert E. Lee!"
Now, I don't mind chopping wood, and I don't care if the money's no good
You take what you need, and you leave the rest
But they should never have taken the very best

Like my father before me, I will work the land
And like my brother above me, I’ll take a rebel stand
He was just 18, proud and brave, but a Yankee laid him in his grave
I swear by the blood below my feet
You can't raise a Kane back up, when he's in defeat


If I were born far above you
If I loved diamonds and pearls
If I played with princes behind golden fences
I wouldn’t know love in this world
I wouldn’t know love in this world

If I believed war were the answer
If I took revenge and kept score
If children were born to do battle and mourn
I wouldn’t know love anymore
I wouldn’t know love anymore

If I believed god cared about me
And cared about only my kind
If I believed hell were just for the others
I wouldn’t know love in my mind
I wouldn’t know love in my mind