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Jack Williams CD "Highway From Back Home"

(Currently out of print)



He ain't blind, but he can't see.
He ain't chained up, but he ain't free.
When a man gets to feelin' like
He just can't get enough,
He's just another fool...
Just another fool in love.

He ain't dumb, but he can't talk.
He ain't lame, but he can barely walk.
The look on his face tells you  
More than enough.
He's just another fool.
Just another fool in love.

She's a heartbreaker,
And he's got it bad.
He says that she's the first real
Woman he ever had.
It's a hard thing to learn
That time brings love enough,
When you're just another fool...
Just another fool in love.
He's just like all my other friends,
He burns up the means just to fry the ends.
He's full of fire below, but so hollow above.
He's just another fool...
Just another fool in love.
It's a hard thing to learn
That time brings love enough,
When you're just another fool...
Just another fool..
Just another fool in love.




   Everything's made out of somethin'.
   Nothin' comes out of the blue.
   You were made from the clay of love,
   And I was made to love you.
   I was made to love you.

I look a lot like my daddy,  
But mama was my guiding light.
I'm just a chip off of two old blocks,
Tryin' to make sense out of life.
I've got no sense of direction,
But I can carry a tune.
I'm a little mom and pop and just a little
Water, fire, sun and the moon.

An oak tree's made from an acorn,
A diamond is made outta coal.
Cars are made out of rubber and steel,
Frogs are made from tadpoles.
The sun was made to shine brightly,
The moon reflects all of its light.
You were made with a light of your own
And your fire burns inside me tonight.



I drove a ragged mile,
The moon above my car,
Just to ask your perfect friends
Just how you really are.
They said "She's up for sale,
Her faith is gone for good."
"What faith?" I asked, they replied,
"That rock where you once stood."

You raised your hand to speak,
A light went off somewhere.
I watched your message vanish
In the frozen air.
No one could melt the silence
That flowed out of my mouth.
I left you in my power and I
Drove off, heading south.
   But I'll be damned if I believe
   That I could cause such pain!
   You've got your freedom
   And your good name.
   And I'll be damned if I'll be
   Made to question what I am!
   But if I'm wrong this time...
   I could be wrong this time...
   If I've done you wrong this time,
   I'll be damned.

I guess I stayed too long
On the outer fringe of love.
The safety of your harbor
Wasn't sweet enough.
Now I came name the danger
That robs me of my peace.
I can't feel your tenderness,
My walls are much too steep.


When it feels like the end of the line.
And your heart beats way out of time,
And your ivory tower crumbles  
   before your eyes,
When the light that always shines true
Somehow isn't shinin' on you,
And your house don't feel like a home
You can come into mine.

When your bankbook forfeits your last,
And the movers drive away with your past,
And you cast your fate to the chill  
   of the driving rain,
You'll awake and not find me there,
You might believe I don't really care.
I'm just not the kind  
Who can easily share in your pain.
I will not be turning away.
I will not be turning away.
When the light that always shines true  
Somehow isn't shinin' on you,
I will not be turning away.

I'm the wail of a train passing by.
I'm the high vapor trail in the sky.
I'm the wake of a south-bound ship out on the gulf.
I'm sailing the tears that you cried,
I'm riding the winds of your sigh,
I'm just not the kind
Who can easily offer my love.

(Repeat: When the light that always shines true...etc.)


Standing on the mainline,
Waitin' for my ride to come.
A chilly rain is fallin',
My hands are cold, my mind is numb.
It's anybody's highway
Rollin' through the plains.
Statues of the weary
Thumbin' in the rain.
A beaten race of people...   
Tired of standin', doomed to run.    

Crazy eyes are gleamin',
A stranger holds a light to you.
Neon walls are screamin',
She always seemed so right to you.
The mattress looks like heaven,
Lyin' on the floor.
Somebody else is watchin',
Just outside the door.
One moment's terrible pleasure...
The stranger says, "Good night" to you.
I've got to beat this demon down,
Find myself a brand new town.
When that last train leaves, babe,
Ride it all the way to the sky...

Never say goodbye,
Never say goodbye,
When that last train leaves, babe,
Never say goodbye.

You're locked up in your memory,
Things ain't like they used to seem.
You don't fit the master pattern,
You're just a flicker on a silver screen.
You've talked to all the people,
Practiced being kind,
But they're busy being careful,
Beautiful and blind,
And they're lookin' right through you
As you break out all the windows of their dreams.


I know it may sound crazy,
Like one of those childhood things,
But long before I hit the road
I heard the highway sing.

In a South Carolina country town
In a house right beside the road,
I often dreamed of future times
And towns I'd come to know.

I'd lie awake in bed at night;
The stillness was profound.
There was no air conditioner noise;
The ice box made no sound.

Somewhere in the summer night
I could here a far-off whine.
A truck down US Highway One
Was makin' up some time.

Pretty soon he'd rumble past
And rattle plates and screens,
Then fade away to nothin'
But the night birds and my dreams.

Take me down the road
As far as I can go.
Take me places I have never known.
Every now and then,
Just like a long, lost friend,
I come across a highway from back home...
I love to cross a highway from back home.
Now I roam across America
And I sing from town to town.
I do question my calling
When missin' her gets me down.

A thousand miles and kindly strangers
Vanish in the wind,
But find a well-known highway
And you've come across a friend

I was playin' Massachusetts,
When I wandered north a bit.
Maine's a state I've never seen
So I turned my wheel and went

I found myself on US One
And this feelin' came around...
That road a thousand miles away
Ran right through my home town.


I hope nobody saw me
When I jumped out of my van...
'Cause I knelt beside the highway
And I felt it with my hand.

I closed my eyes and made believe
I could feel her walkin' 'round...
On US One, a thousand miles away
In my home town.



I know it's comin',
It seems like you got somethin' to say.
I hear the thunder,
I guess it's gonna rain all day.
Weren't we laughin',
Watchin' funny people in the street,
Makin' up their life stories,
Givin' them names,
Laughin' at the shoes,
Laughin' at the shoes upon their feet.

Suddenly the tide,
Suddenly the tide,
Suddenly the tide
Washes over me,
Washes over me,
Washes over me.

Wasn't it silly
Dancin' through the crowds along the shore,
Singin' at the top of our lungs,
Stupid words of love,
Feelin' like the waves,
Feelin' like we never felt before.

The town is talkin',
It's bound to make some fella start to cry.
Those busy, busy bodies,
Hurtin' all their friends and tellin' lies,
Lies, lies, lies, lies.
Somethin' is movin',
Shiftin' like the sand below my shoes.
What about...what about all the other people,
Friends and relations,
Breakin' them the news...
Breakin' like the waves upon my shoes.
Upon my brand new shoes...
Upon my brand new Wing-Tip shoes.
Am I the last one to know?
Am I the last one to know?
Were they just waitin' and waitin' and waitin' and waitin'
For that salty wind to blow?


They say for every boy and girl
There's just one love in this whole world.


It's a long shot, but we'll make it.
It's a bad road, but we'll take it.
There's a wild look in your brown eyes,
And there's a dark moon behind stormy skies,
But we'll find our way together,
We're the blind leadin' the blind  
   leadin' the blind.

The cards are marked and the deck is stacked.
These are loaded dice, you gotta  
   watch your back.
We're takin' on the great unknown.
Hoppin' freights...Movin' on...
But we'll find our way together
Like the blind leadin' the blind  
   leadin' the blind.
We were strangers gettin' off our knees,
And love was born in a time of need.
We vowed to crawl through darkest times,
And love was all we'd ever find.

There's no love like blind love,
And there's no life without love.
So we'll close our eyes and hold our breath
While we walk the line between life and death.
We'll find our way together,
We're the blind leadin' the blind leadin' the blind.
We'll find our way together,
We're the blind leadin' the blind leadin' the blind.


You broke a promise
And left me alone.
This was the house of love
Now nobody's home.
I've worked my heart
Right down to the bone,
Playing solitaire.

I've got this notion
She's gone for keeps.
My heart keeps breaking
While my body sleeps.
It gets so lonesome
Between the sheets,
Playing solitaire.
I cheat now and then.
But I never win.
I'm goin' slightly crazy
But I don't care
I'm playin' solitaire.

I've got no aces
And I've got no queens;
I get my kicks from
Poker machines.
She's comin' back....
No, it's only a dream.
I'm playin' solitaire.

CHORUS (Replace "I'm goin' slightly crazy"
      with "I'm goin' soft and lazy".)


The full moon woke me up last night.
I did things that just can't be right.
I feel so ashamed, but I had such fun...
Oh, what the hell, what's done is done.
The full moon had it's way with me;
Tinkered with my sanity,
Granted wishes, gave me toys,
Made me cry like a little boy.

I played the saxophone.
I put a lampshade on.
I sang "La Marseillaise",
I danced to "Purple Haze",
I could do no wrong;
I had a full moon on.
The full moon was to blame for all
The awesome power of alcohol.
Into the fire my fancy flew
To spend one reckless night with you.
We tore the curtains and we ripped the sheets,
We danced all night to Little Feat.
When the light came through our pagan room,
We rose to praise that devil moon.


A 'possum on the center stripe
Sure won't make it home tonight.
A bobcat on that moonlit trail
Will feed her family without fail.
The full moon is the devil's slave,
Dances all over the parson's grave;
It lifts you up, it lays you down,
And moves the oceans all around.



There is no Big Rock Candy Mountain
Or golden streets for such as we.
The cards were dealt, I came up empty...
Hand me down easy, if you please.

Old soldiers fallen by the roadside,
Fallen prey to gravity;
Heroes willingly forgotten...
Hand me down easy if you please.

Let me lie where I fall,
With my back to the wall.
Close your eyes,
Walk on by,  
Go in peace,
And hand me down easy  
If you please.
Along the outskirts of the city
Spirits walk down on their knees.
Is there a secret to belonging?
Hand me down easy if you please.

Come here and tell me that you love me.
Lift my head up off my knees.
I am no one if not your brother...
Hand me down easy if you please.


There is a hotel in Miami...
The rooms are cooled by ocean breeze.
It held a lover once who waited for me...
Oh, hand me down easy if you please.



At the dark end of a one-way street
Strange faces of mystery,
A young boy's imagination runs away.
Legends flower, lives are sold,  
Lies believed, tales are told,
The curious may never again
See the light of day.

Make me a believer,
Make me a believer,
Make me a believer and I'm yours.
Make me a believer,
Make me a believer,
Make me a believer and I'm yours.

One day you must turn the page,
Light your lamp and come of age,
Look into those alien eyes at last.
When you finally walk that darkened street,
Shadows fall away from your feet,
And all uncertain fearful years
Fade into the past.

Lovers, friends and brothers may
Hold you close then turn away...
How can I take all that love as real?
I'm hiding in my wildest dreams,
Trusting you to rescue me,
And lead me to an ecstasy
That even I can feel.