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Got an old car…. runnin’ sweet
I got shoes… shoes all over my feet
I love my job…. And I love you.
I love a little taste of that homemade bread –
Break it half in two.

Got a brick house….there’s room enough
For you and me, the cats,and all of our stuff
Two tall pines of shady grace
Sapsucker tappin’ on a hickory limb
Laughin’ in my face

I’m a hometown boy, makin’ do
Getting’ by on peanuts, pennies,
And plenty of lovin’ you
If you see me fly,
I’m just passin’ through
I’m a hometown boy….makin’ do

Out on the side, a marker stands
Two old cats lie buried in the sand
Why we cried, it ain’t hard to say
We said goodbye, goodbye old friends
When they went away

I ramble down those blue highways
Makin’ new friends for my rainy days
My wife’s back home…. I miss her so
But give me a little taste of that American road
I’ve got to go


Now I don’t care what you do.
Don’t judge me and I won’t judge you.
You can bend my ear – I got loads of time.
You can drink a little whiskey at Sunday-go-to-meetin’
And I won’t mind.



Behold the tin roof cabin where the great loblolly stands...
There Chicken Taylor's daddy rubs the warts on both his hands.
His oldest daughter, Tanya - the town calls her a tramp.
Night will fall, someone will call, and Tanya will light the lamp.

Cedar Springs is sleepy, and measures all its days
By constant church bells ringing in dull and fearful praise.
The streets are hot and empty until some vagrant breeze
Brings Tanya down to the fountain and the young men to their knees.

The old wise men sit sweating outside the barbershop.
They curse and blame the weather for every failing crop.
When mother's sons run crying from failure of the heart,
Tanya's eyes and devil's lies they can't seem to tell apart.

Life is strange - nothing changes.
Let's go watch the fireworks on Eternity and Main.

The Baptist preacher's daughter stands preening in the hall.
Dressed up like an ornament, she waits for him to call.
She dreams of perfect babies; he dreams of getting by...
She'll never know his torture; he'll never see her cry.

Charlie is retarded - the stationmaster's son.
He works down at the depot and he stares at everyone.
Tanya brings him flowers and even lets him touch her hair.
People say "They're just that way" and no longer seem to care.


If there's imagination in the heart of Cedar Springs,
It's hidden in the whispers as incessant churchbells ring,
Things like why that half-wit Charliewon't ever wash his hands...
No one knows, cause no one goes where the great loblolly stands.

Herons at the hatchery...and seagulls at the falls,
Doodlebugs in gardens where the Chuck-will's-widow calls.
Life should be so simple,so decent and so plain...
The preacher's daughter watchesTanya dancing in the rain.

Chicken Taylor's daddy went away quietly last spring.
All his warts had faded where he'd rubbed them with his ring.
Tanya still stands naked as the boys drive by her place..
Through their howls and screams they've never seen her sweet, sad enchanted face.


Life is strange - nothing changes.
Let's go watch the fireworkson Eternity and Main.
Life is strange - nothing changes.
Let's go watch the fireworks,
And bats that live in bridges,
And Greyhound riders snoozin',
And black folks pickin' flowers,
And young girls in tight dresses,
And farmboys racin' tractors,
There's a new prisoner in the jailhouse,
The chain-gang's comin' down the highway,
There's a mad-dog at the river,
Great day in the mornin'....
Let's go watch the fireworks on Eternity and Main.

I'm gonna toe this line, I'm gonna pay my dues,
I'm gonna bide my time, I got nothin’ to lose
But one of these days I’m gonna conquer every hill I come to.
Then I’ll get right up and sing it to the mornin' sun.

I’ve got a row to hoe, kinda slows me down,
But this girl I know wears a daisy crown
And one of these days I’m gonna open every door I come to
Then I’ll get right up and sing it to the morning sun

Come the mornin' sun....come the mornin' sun....
All my troubles will be gone.

I’ve got a place in town near the city park
Friends come around but my dog don’t bark
One of these days I’m gonna topple every wall I come to
Then I’ll get right up and sing it to the morning sun.


I'm gonna shine my shoes, I'm gonna comb my hair,
I'm gonna press my suit, I'm gonna sniff that air
And one of these days I’m gonna roll every stone I come to
Then I’m gonna get right up and sing it to the mornin' sun.


I'm gonna cross that bridge, I'm gonna break that spell,
I'm gonna scratch that itch, I'm gonna laugh like hell
And one of these days I’m gonna brighten every night I walk through
And I’ll get right up and sing it to the mornin' sun.



This is my body, Red Southern clay
The river's my blood and my soul's highway
I bow to the weather, misfortune and time
And rejoice in the tangles of wild muscadine
The lakes are my eyes awake in the fields
My wrinkles are tracks of old wagon wheels
Watchin' the speed of a peregrine sky
Clouds and eternity sailing on high

Pines and the oak trees: these are my hands
My feet are the roots where my heritage stands
I call for the seasons and sing for the storm
Praising the sunshine keeping me warm
My dreams are the echoes of grandfather's days
Our voices resound like sea island waves
And careless as summer I welcome the rain
And flow to the ocean through satisfied veins

The tales of our children, the scuppernong sings
And the love of our mothers and swallowtail wings
The pain of our fathers lies in the hills
Torn from the land to never be still
This is my body, Red Southern clay
The river's my blood and my soul's highway
This is my body, Red Southern clay
The river's my blood and my soul's highway

It's Carolina cotton time
I hate to leave these fields behind
Thumbin' down to Mobile Bay
I'll bet I'll be walkin' all the way

Hurricane blowin' in the Gulf
Alabama's had enough
They've all gone to higher ground
No place for me to hide in Mobile town

East to West there goes the sun
Goin' 'round and 'round till time is done
North and south here comes the wind
To pick me up and blow me down again

Billboard says I'm half a man
There's less of me than a girl can stand
I limp around and now and then I cry
On one bum leg and one good eye

Old man sittin' in front of the store
Wonderin' what his thumb is for
It'll get you outta town, I said
He just spit, and the Georgia dirt turned red


I don't know what I'm gonna do
I've lost my ride and I've lost you
This pavement feels like molten steel
This must be how road kill feels

Twelve black buzzards in a tree
Cast their stinkin' eyes on me
I'd throw a rock but they won't even fly
They know they'll get me by and by



Old Sal - in the morning
Red rag 'round her head
Scrub the floors - do my laundry
Blankets on my bed

Old Sal - pickin' daisies
Fill my crystal vase
Calloused hands - pink and steady
Love all 'round her face


Old Sal - Pleased to know you
Did I never tell you so?
Where would I be without you?
Where did old Sally go?

Old Sal - in the parlor
Firelight on black skin
Dark legends - songs of Eden
My hair stands on end

Forest child - 'cross the water
On your father's knee
Sold away - down the river
All the way to me


Old Sal - rocked my cradle
Cooled my fevered brow
Someday - if you'll call me
I'll bring you peace somehow


Give it to the rich man
Give it to the rich man
Give it to the rich man
He’ll know what to do
Give him every cent man
He’ll put it in a tin can
He can pay the rent, man
That’s all you gotta do

The winds of change are blowin’
Blowin’ me off the road
I’d give my last dollar
Just to lighten up the load
I’d send it to the devil
Sell it to the priest
Send it off to China
And sink it in the east


If you can stand the thunder
Then you can take the rain
If you can stand the lightnin’
Then you can take the pain
And you can learn the secret
Not known to everyone
That if you give it to the rich man, baby
You’ll have all the fun



Bonnie's a dancer and a short-order cook
She'll never be famous one day
When all the boys ask her just for a look
She pushes her childhood away
Up in her room, Excalibur sleeps
He'll watch her thin frame spin around
The old cat just yawns to show her he cares
As she dances the fire escape down

Bacon's the smell in her straw-colored hair
There's a coffee-stain she'll never see
The music begins, the boys are all there
But in her mind she's far out to sea
A pale yellow beam shines into the wings
Glaring like Daddy's good eye
The dancer appears like a butterfly's tear
The short-order cook says goodbye

Give me something to dream on
Something to hide up my sleeve
Something no one will believe
Something to dream on

Out on the streets, Bonnie is keeping
Her beautiful eyes unaware
The smell of cigar at the newspaper stand
Reminds her that people are there
The diner is busy, the jukebox is on
There's only one thing on her mind
The pale yellow light in the wings of the night
She'll clock out exactly at nine

Bonnie's collection of Japanese fans
Lies in a heap on the floor
The light in the hallway burned out last year
And she never closes the door
The boys in the darkness are watching her change
Into someone unknown in the day
She remembers their voices with something like shame
"Bonnie please come out and play"


Give me something to dream on
Something so nearly divine
Something so perfectly mine
Something to dream on


I used to feel bad about losin’ you,
Losin’ you…. losin’ you
The house and the car and the children, too
Until I took a look around

I saw a sad man in a limousine,
Limousine… limousine
Talkin’ to his kids on a TV screen
And lyin’ to his wife in Dallas

I saw a fat kid in a candy store
Candy store…. candy store
Stuffin’ his face and buyin’ some more
Makin’ sure the girls won’t like him


I saw a monkey laughin’ in Sunday school
Sunday school…. Sunday school
He knows where we come from, he ain’t no fool
Like some of my friends in Kansas

I saw a kid flyin’ through cyberspace
Cyberspace…. cyberspace
A dull, cold look on his baby face
And he landed in a world without love

I used to feel bad about losin’ you,
Losin’ you…. losin’ you
The house and the car and the triplets, too
'Til I took a look a- 'Til I took a look a-
'Til I took a look around.

(Additional verses)

I saw a white flag in the southern sky
Southern sky…. Southern sky
She’s a good old girl but she don’t fly
For everybody down in Dixie

I saw a fat Chevy in the passin’ lane
Passin’ lane…. passin’ lane
Forty miles and hour in the pourin’ rain
I bet he’d block up the gates to heaven.


Runaway slave with a chain in his hand
Eatin' blackberries runnin' through a cottonwood stand
No dog or man'll ever jump his trail
He'll double back through the creek and run along the rail
His bones are broken and his heart's in pain
He left a good woman, couldn't bust the chain
He slipped by Memphis and crossed the Pike
God help him make it to the river tonight
He watched the stars and saw a sign
And said, "Goodbye cracker, this moment is mine
This moment is mine"

She hopped a freight outta Santa Fe
Found a side-door Pullman with a bale of hay
She could hear the wind - she could see the sky
Then she thought about her kids and she started to cry
Another home is broken and a heart's in pain
The east-bound rattler rolls across the plain
She left a man in a cocaine dream
Took her kids to her mama's and she got away clean.
She watched their eyes and saw a sign
And said, "Goodbye cracker, this moment is mine
This moment is mine"

I'm just a critter like a bee and a bird
Troubled by my thinkin' and the spoken word
Rather be a razorback feedin' in a Texas wood
Rootin' through the gully 'cause it feels so good
Wish I was a red-tail circling soybean fields
Lookin' for something he can only feel
I'm just a critter like the wild blue jay
God help me make it to the river one day
I watched the stars and saw a sign
Lord in heaven, this moment is mine
This moment is mine

God help me make it to the river one day
This moment is mine


Renegade blood, mingled in the flood
Don't make a child no sinner
If he's a mind to kill like Cherokee Bill
Don't ask him home to dinner
Don't ask him home to dinner

In her tender years down the Trail of Tears
A three-blooded girl did go
She gave her hand to a military man
And moved to St Angelo
Moved to St Angelo

Their first-born child grew strong and wild
Till things went suddenly wrong
When two men died, Bill's daddy did ride
Up and left his family and gone
Up and left his family and gone

Bill joined with the Cooks like a regular crook
Livin' outside the law
Them boys did roam across Oklahoma
Quick on the liquor and the draw
Quick on the liquor and the draw

From banks and trains the blood did stain
The hands of the Bill Cook gang
Bill and his friends would kill again
With nothin' to lose if they hang
Nothin' to lose if they hang

Down the Arkansas and the Verdigris
A deadly wind did roar.
It howled and whined down the Katy Line
And through the Checotah store
Through the Checotah store

Cherokee’s aim and his bloody fame
Struck fear in the bravest soul
His desperate stand on the Indian Lands
Found him longin’ for love to hold
Longin’ for love to hold


The one soft part in Bill's stony heart
Belonged to Maggie Glass
If he can't resist her sweet copper kiss
They'll put him in chains at last
Put him in chains at last

So without a shot, Bill got caught
By a deputy coward betrayed
He turned his back, Ike gave him a whack
With a cold iron poker from the grate
With a cold iron poker from the grate

On his day in court Bill was a sport
And the eastern press did rave
But down in the jail you could hear him wail
"Gonna see Ike Rogers in the grave"
"Gonna see Ike Rogers in the grave"

But Parker was the judgeand he would not budge
The blood in his veins ran cold
He said "Cherokee Bill, you've had your thrill,
May God have mercy on your soul"
"God have mercy on your soul"

Black is the color of a checkerboard man
Red is the color of crime
You can jump 'em, king 'em, hang 'em in the jailhouse
We'll have a wonderful time
Everybody'll have a wonderful time

A boy half-grown from a broken home
Bill took hangin' like a man
With the odds against you what's the use in
Lookin' for a place to stand
In lookin' for a place to stand



I ride alone through endless hours,
Searching all my fading powers,
Never resting, never seen,
No need to hide, I'm lost inside
An outlaw's dream.

I raise my hand against the sun.
I drain the fire from gun.
Through shifting sands and barren stream.
No place to stand, no fellow man
In an outlaw's dream.

No eagle's cry…No desert rose…No canyon wren…
No prairie wind…No drifting snows…No cooling rain…
No scorpion's sting…No grace of God…No shepherd's rod

In an outlaw's dream.

I search in vain for sacred places,
Recalling love in gravestone faces.
The vandal moon betrays the scene.
All hope is gone. there'll be no dawn
In an outlaw's dream.



When there's one more mile to the border,
And you've got Mounties all over your trail.
Keep your eyes wide open and your wings on fire
And your shoulder against the rail.

There's danger around every corner
And trouble behind every tree
We've gone separate ways but I still count the days
And the tears and miles in between.

You can gather your moss in the morning,
While your rosebuds wither away.
You can quench your desire by the light of the fire,
And dream your lovely life away.

You can stay by the gentle Savannah.
In the old home place by the field
On the mantle the rock of my grandmother's clock
Tells me love is living there still

You can go your way
In the dead of the night.
You can go your way
Go your way and be happy.

And when clouds come over
The Great Divide
You can go your way,
Go your way and be happy.


I'll be riding old rivers to nowhere,
While your little children play 'round the door.
And when that dead-end sign takes root in my mind,
I won't see your face anymore.

I will rest with the weather above me
On a small pleasant hill by the road
In the company of friends making love and amends
In the only ground they've ever known



Gangster starin' at a pool of blood
Chainsaw growlin' in an ancient wood
Red man dressin' in a white mans' clothes
Lost on the mountain where the crosswind blows

Gambler leavin' it all up to fate
Derelict freezin' on a sidewalk grate
Schoolboys totin' pistols in their clothes
Lost on the mountain where the crosswind blows

You can whistle Dixie till the curtain falls
Paint pretty pictures on the prison walls
It won't make a difference when the rooster crows
You're lost on the mountain where the crosswind blows

Old man cursin' the clouds in his eyes
Farmboy watchin' Big Muddy on the rise
Last straw hangin' from a drummer's nose
Lost on the mountain where the crosswind blows 

Pharaoh's daughter washin' in the Nile
Took that little baby for her very own child
She told him he would be the great Pharaoh
But he got lost on the mountain where the crosswinds blows