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A collection of on-stage performances

(Click On The Picture Above To Preview a 5 Min. Excerpt Taken From This Unique Collection)
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"He is a showman in the best sense of the word." Rich Warren, Host of WFMT "Midnight Special", Chicago IL

Couple Jack Williams' soul-touching songwriting with his dynamic performance, and you have quite an evening! This DVD captures some of Jack's best renditions of his well-loved songs in a visual "Best of Jack Williams' Live" album. The Special Features and archival photographs included on the DVD offer a history of Jack's 50-year career as a professional musician. (See what his guitar looked like when it was brand new and clean!) Put the DVD in the player, settle back, and enjoy an evening with Jack Williams.

"The music is drawn from original material, performed 'live' over the past twelve years - from small venues along my circuit to the mainstages of the Philadelphia and Kerville Folk Festivals. Also included are two songs from a 1994 performance with my late partner, Texas songwriting legend Mickey Newbury. And finally, after many requests from fans, I have recorded the 'That's All Medley' that I end some of my concerts with - a wacky collage of songs and styles that span my music career."  Jack Williams


1. You're The One
2. Across the Winterline
3. Eternity & Main
4. Blow Me Down Again
5. Mama Lou
6. A Natural Man (song for Josh White)
7. Solitaire
8. Sucker For Love
9. Waterbug
10. This Moment is Mine
11. The Morning Sun
12. The Old Buckdancer
13. High Cotton
Plus special features: Florabama Sunrise, That's All Medley, Outlaw's Dream, and When You're Gone